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Travel after the Covid 19 pandemic

Travel after the Covid 19 pandemic
All over the world we are fighting against the Covid 19 pandemic. On Apr 30th 2020 South Korea has reported 0 new cases of domestic infections.


This is certainly the first thing we hope to hear for our own country and in the same time for the whole world at once, but at this point it sounds more like a dream. Maybe in order to make this true, the whole world should try to act like South Korea, what do you think?

But please, let's go back to travel for now. I think we all would like to talk about "traveling after the pandemic" but I feel we shall start to travel while the pandemic it is still here. Because simply, traveling is something we just all love to do and it gives a sense to our lives. In the beginning most likely we shall think of traveling or exploring our own country. But once we shall feel better about traveling, we shall consider about visiting the world again.

The travel industry is probably the most affected. But there is no doubt that the world shall overcome the pandemic and the best way to fight it is to have the faith and hope. For so many of us, including myself, one of the most asked questions is "what is your plan after the pandemic is over?" and the answer is "I would like to travel !".

Here would be some of the reasons to help me convince you why a holiday and a private tour should be one of the best thing to do after the pandemic


Treasuring life and loved ones

After all these months with difficult moments all over the world brought to us by the news or just living in a place where the pandemic has been around, we all have realized how easily our lives can be affected. But, a great outcome of this situation is that it has brought the chance for us to treasure our life much more than ever, including all the small things or details that we hardly paid attention to, but took them for granted.

A holiday is probably the best thing to do for yourself and loved ones too after the pandemic. Living nowadays has proven that we easily forget to show our love to people that are important to our lives.

You should always remember "It is not about where you are, but who you're with"


Feeling alive again

It all starts with a simple thought of traveling and a holiday. The next step is to actually start planning the holiday, and there it is, you start to "feel alive again" after this delicate period we all have been through. Once you shall be in your holiday, you shall actually realize how much your mind and body needed it. We have all been through a time with a lot of confusion and anxiety due to the pandemic, so this shall be like a "refresh" button.

A private tour should be one of the best options nowadays as you shall have no stress about organizing anything in a new place for you, that has changed itself after the pandemic and a local private tour guide shall offer you all the support needed for a great experience.

You should always remember "One learns more from traveling a thousand miles than reading a thousand scrolls."


Seeing the recovered nature

There is certainly one great thing that came with the pandemic. And this is that the nature has had some time to recover itself when it looked that humans would never intend to do it. The pause in human activities in several industries and the transport too has dropped the pollution by a large percentage in several parts of the world. This recovery of the nature shall offer you the chance to explore during a private tour those destinations that are famous for their nature. And a private tour in Romania is one of them.

Also, there is a high possibility that traveling after the pandemic shall offer you the chance to avoid the normal crowds. Just imagine yourself while in a private tour visiting the famous Bran Castle by yourself, this is still just a dream for so many travelers.


Enjoying good deals but also quality

Certainly the tourism industry is one of the most affected all over the world, but it shall bounce back once the pandemic is over. This means you can actually catch great deals right afterwards and a good idea would be to start planning a trip for the summer or fall or even next year. You dont have to book any flights and hotels at this moment, but a private tour with some of the great tour guides available would be something to think about.


There is no doubt that after the pandemic people shall start to travel again. Probably everyone is wondering how is that going to happen? Here are few tips


Great deals shall be available but look on the value too

A lot shall look for the cheapest offer, but I suggest you look for the best value possible. Certainly there are going to be a lot of high-value travel packages. At I Travel in Romania I always want to bring you VALUE and LIFETIME EXPERIENCE because this is how I have always consider about a private tour.


Focus on well known brands and private tour guides with very good or excellent reviews on Trip Advisor

My suggestion is to stay away from too-good-to-be-true offers! A website like Trip Advisor but also other details can prove the quality of the travel agency / private tour guide. The pandemic has changed a lot in the tourism industry and you need to find those travel agencies / private tour guides that are financially stable during these days.


Travel shall continue after the pandemic outbreak. And we all hope the industry shall return with better services and even earlier than we expect. And also some great deals too.

Once we are back to normal, I shall still welcome you with unique experiences during our private tours!