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Why a Private Tour with US?

Why a Private Tour with US?
I suggest to read this article if You are considering a Private Tour in Romania...


We think there are few simple things that will help You decide if You want a Private Tour with US! Give US just 5 minutes of Your precious time and read this if You are looking for a unique experience in Romania!

First, we strongly believe that Romania is one of the very beautiful countries in the world and very safe too. So, only for Your thought to visit our Romania we think it’s a great call!
Romania has been really on the tourists map only for a small period of time comparing to other European "veterans", starting after January 2007 when Romania joined the European Union. So until 2007 and even short afterwards we really doubt there were offered Private Tours in Romania by any local travel agencies.
The great thing is they do exist now and some of them, including US, can offer You quite an experience in Romania and not just a visit.
Besides the famous Bran (aka Dracula's) Castle in Transylvania, all the history behind the UNESCO Fortified Churches in the Saxon Villages and the unique Medieval Towns of Transylvania, the still living traditions of Maramures with its UNESCO Wooden Churches, the charming Bucovina with its UNESCO Painted Monasteries or the amazing wild Danube Delta, the best part of Romania and what we consider is the key to truly enjoy a tour in Romania is to interact with locals and get some authentic travel experiences.
So if You are interested only for the touristic objectives - just to have them checked on a list “I have been there” - You will probably not need US for a private tour in Romania.
We are here to design together with You authentic travel experiences! And apart from the touristic objectives, the authentic memories would be possible mainly in the country side or rural areas of Romania! We do have a saying that we believe in : "the real Romania starts where the asphalt ends"!
And when we say this, it is mainly because in these areas people speak only Romanian language and some of these people simply live now like their great grandparents used to live 100-150 years ago. This way You will actually meet the real people, witness the still living century old traditions, enjoy beautiful landscapes and eat real organic local food in these people’s home, and not just in a traditional local restaurant. These places are not "touristic attractions" and will offer You unique experiences. These people are still happy to welcome tourists in their homes simply because they don't get so many tourists visiting them and they would be interested to find out things about You as well.
Our main goal is always to offer unique travel experiences that exceed Your expectations.
We have specialized in designing tailor-made, private and fully customized vacations for small groups of travelers visiting Romania.
Another aspect that WE find important is that after You will consider traveling with US, You will actually know who is going to be Your private guide and keep in touch with him/her too.
The safety of Our guests is paramount and is placed above all other considerations. We follow all the expected guidelines and regulations.
In response to the special challenges of the COVID-19, we take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe experience.
Full compliance will all measures announced by the government
Private tours only
Try to avoid crowds at all times
Disposable masks and sanitizer offered to all our guests
Our staff is trained to be aware of operations and hygiene safety
We hope this was interesting and You are now considering a Private Tour with US, so we are looking forward to receiving your enquiry for a Private Tour in Romania with I Travel in Romania.



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