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Transylvania tours from Bucharest

Transylvania tours from Bucharest
The Transylvania tours from Bucharest include of course the most popular tour in Romania - “the 2 famous castles in one day from Bucharest” which are Peles Castle and Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s).

The shared tour of the castles is the most popular, but I would suggest you to take a private tour for a little extra cost. You will be glad you did.

And this is because most foreign tourists arrive at Bucharest and have their base in Bucharest for at least 2-3 nights, willing to do one day trips. Since the Transylvania region and the Dracula character are the most known facts about Romania, it is easy to understand why a huge number of tourists prefer this tour.
Overall it is an interesting tour, especially if you have the short walk in the medieval city of Brasov included at the end of the tour.  I consider the tour pretty long and tiring, especially if you choose the shared one instead of the private tour.
You shall get a little flavor of Transylvania in this tour, but my personal suggestion is to consider spending at least one night in the medieval city of Brasov, even though you will have to use at least 2 hotels (one in Bucharest and one in Brasov). But trust me, it is worth the experience!
Also, if you want to have a real Transylvania tour from Bucharest you need to consider  spending at least 2 or even 3 nights, one in Brasov, one in Sibiu, and one in Sighisoara. These 3 cities are probably among the most interesting in all of Romania because of their Old Town areas filled with very old churches or cathedrals, but also a lot of buildings still preserved in very good condition dating from the 16th and 17th century.
From mid-April to mid-October a great experience is available, which is to spend the night in a traditional Saxon house in a Saxon village like Viscri, Malancrav or Biertan, just to name a few.  This is a private tour of the real Transylvania from Bucharest!
You have to know that the Saxons – people of German ethnicity - settled in Transylvania about 800 years ago and they still make Transylvania the part of Romania that has a living history considering the 35 000 Saxons who are still living there. This is a small number considering the over 800,000 Saxons living in Transylvania during the 1930’s.
In Transylvania there are over 150 Saxon villages with a Fortified Church too – 7 of them included in UNESCO. Some of these Fortified Churches are well preserved considering the 13th-14th Century construction.
Another thing to add to the Transylvania tours from Bucharest would certainly be the visit to some local craftsmen like a real blacksmith within a Gypsy family, some ladies who still weave on a traditional wooden loom and a traditional lunch or dinner prepared by a local lady and served in her house. This would certainly add flavor to the tour and will help you to discover the real Romanian hospitality.
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