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It is time to go on a Romania private tour

It is time to go on a Romania private tour
Romania must be on your bucket list for 2020. And not only. A country of contrasts, with a very diverse landscape, rich history spread all over its territory, still unspoiled by large number of tourists, Romania is a perfect destination for your 2020 travels.


With still very affordable costs comparing to any country in the European Union, for instance with Hungary - its more famous neighbor (from a touristic point of view) -  a Private Tour in Romania is something you should consider for your trip to Romania.

More and more people consider Romania a hidden gem of Europe after they pay a visit here. The most tourists would still think about Romania as a former Eastern Bloc country with its dark grey blocks of flats, which is true in some parts of its cities still. But after landing here, one shall discover a brand new country in some and good surprising ways, especially if you are going in a Private Tour in Romania with a local private tour guide.

Through the years, Romania country (former Dacia kingdom in 1st and 2nd centuries) has been conquered and belonged to the famous Romans, later parts of it to the Ottomans and Transylvania to the Hungarians. 
This picturesque amalgamation of charming old and new towns, building communities of art and perfect for skiing in its beautiful Carpathian mountains, Romania is starting to be discovered by more and more tourists every day.
We should not forget about Bram Stocker’ Dracula who is certainly Romania’s most popular citizen and still an inspiration for a lot of stories during a private tour in Romania, no matter if you travel or not to his homeland, Transylvania.
If you are still considering whether to go on a Private Tour in Romania or not yet, these are some of the best reasons for you to book a Romania private tour today:
1. Romania is one of the few places not only in Europe, but also all over the world, where stunning parts of its history are traced to over 2,000 years ago. The Sarmizegetusa Regia (UNESCO) but also the best preserved Roman ruins in Principia Museum in Alba Iulia are not to be missed within your Private tour in Romania. Part of the Fortified Churches in Transylvania, the Painted Monasteries in Bucovina and the Wooden Churches in Maramures, are considered authentic treasures and have been included in UNESCO Heritage List for decades already.
2. Some tourists consider the countryside of Romania the most special part of their Romania private tour. Most of the countryside has been naturally preserved and it shall make you feel that you are travelling back in time. The time simply just stood still there. Going in a Romania private tour, you shall have the chance that your private tour guide take you to meet those locals that are always happy to meet you or even welcome you in their house for a traditional meal. The still primitive style of living in these areas is a living proof that Romania still has what that other countries in Western Europe has lost through the years.
3. Romania shall surprise you with its amazing landscapes, including the colorful lakes, vast and flat seashore land with soft sand, and the Danube Delta with its over 320 species of birds that arrive in this wild paradise when the weather warms up. The meadows of wild flowers have attracted even Prince Charles of Wales attention, who became in recent years probably the greatest ambassador of Romania abroad. The Carpathian mountains shall offer breathtaking views from their peaks with an altitude of over 2,500 meters.
4. Last but not least, Romania is the only Latin country in Eastern Europe surrounded by Slavs and Hungarians. This shall offer you the chance that during your Romania private tour to interact with some of the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. 
What was once known just to a limited number of travelers, Romania starts to be one of the secret gems tourists want to share to their families, friends but also on their online posts. So you should visit Romania and do it now! Booking your private tour is the best way to explore Romania!
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