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"Transylvania for Travelers" - Sep 2021

"Transylvania for Travelers" - Sep 2021
If you are looking to spend some time learning about the real Transylvania, not time spent in gift shops or eating lunches in hotels, then we can highly recommend this tour.


Let’s start with the most important piece of any tour, the guide. Mihai had great communication with us even prior to meeting him in person. His sense of humor and his responsible nature was apparent from the first inquiry until he left us in Bucharest upon the end of the tour. Mihai is knowledgeable in Romania’s history, from medieval times, through the Communist era, all the way through their addition to the EU. He is open-minded and explains everything in as much detail as one wants. He has a quick sense of humor that encourages laughter, so learning from him is not a dry bore. He was open to answering questions about life in Romania as well. I might add that he was always on time, in a clean and well maintained car.

Second most important piece, tour content. It is apparent that Mihai has done this a time or two in the past as he has selected the best towns to visit for the overnights. We loved that he allowed us to select which hotel best suited us from a small list of options. That helped us choose the best hotels for our tastes. We also appreciated that we were left on our own in the evenings to explore these small towns on our own. Perhaps the highlight of our days with Mihai was the possibility to eat in local homes, to enjoy meals cooked by local women and to chat with artisans without feeling the need to buy anything.

We will never forget the lovely woman, who spoke no English, but shared through hand signals how she prepared the Polenta with Cheese! Then there was the blacksmith and his adorable son who showed us how horseshoes are made. These are the experiences that make a tour. These are the memories that last.

Last piece, value. We believe that we paid a fair price for this tour. To have an expert with us, talking about Romania and how each country‘s history has made the world what it is today was priceless.

I guess the bottom line is this: If you are looking to see the “real” Romania with a talented and knowledgeable guide, do not hesitate to book this tour. You will be glad you did!


Date of travel: Sep 2021

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lutheran evangelic cathedral in sibiu
malancrav lunch
peles castle with cynthia
sibiu view from council tower
transfagarasan road