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"Off the beaten track" - Jun 2016

"Off the beaten track" - Jun 2016
I took a tour to salt mines, winery and muddy volcanos. To start with, I should say that Mihai is not an ordinary tour guide. By the end of the tour you realise that he is more like an old friend.

Imagine, you fly to a country to see a friend and he just drives you around and shows nice places that would be extremely hard to visit by yourself using public transport. That's how it feels, rather than a typical Guide-Tourist relationship. He is quite knowledgeable and knows many historical facts and also ready to answer any your question from the point of view of a normal citizen of this country. I would definitely recommend him. And regarding this specific tour: if you’re a beach kind of person, it might not be for you, but if you like adventures and ready to spend the whole day searching for something new and different in order to return back to the hotel tired but happy then you’ll definitely like it.

Date of travel: June 2016


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