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"Mihai and Romania - it doesnt get any better than that!" - Nov 2017

"Mihai and Romania - it doesnt get any better than that!" - Nov 2017
I recently completed a long tour of Romania with Mihai and was so very happy with the quality of the tour as well as Mihai many qualities that I feel compelled to write a review despite the fact that I rarely do so.

As I had the time, I wanted to see the whole country, so I started looking online for a personalized tour and came across Mihai who seemed like a good fit. I contacted him, we e-mailed back and forth a bit, I liked what he had to say, so I had him put together a special, 17-day tour for me. I was understandably nervous because although Mihai did seem like a nice person, 17 days is a looooong time to spend, one-on-one, with someone you don’t know… Well, I lucked out – he turned out to be the sweetest, most patient, respectful, understanding, accommodating, kindest, and fun young man I could have ever imagined. He was also passionate about his job, calm, timely, organized, knowledgeable, reliable, had a great sense of humor, and made sure I was the audience – what more could anyone want from a guide???? I told all my friends that had I had a daughter, I would have wanted Mihai for a son-in-law. It’s truly impossible to say anything negative about Mihai or the tour. Everything he did was geared towards my safety, comfort, and enlightenment, so I got to spend 17 days travelling around Romania, seeing and learning new things as well as having fun. Like probably most people, I do my homework before I travel anywhere and decide beforehand what I want to see or not see and although I had approved Mihai’s tour before leaving home, I ended up making some changes to our itinerary along the way. Mihai never batted an eye and obligingly made the modifications without once acting put out – wish I were that flexible :) As you might guess, the tour included a lot of driving, but also hiking, narration, visiting with locals, boat trips, sightseeing on foot, etc. One of the best things about this tour was that it was very stimulating because I got to explore the country via various venues. Do I recommend Mihai as a tour guide? You betcha.

Date of travel: Sep 2017

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bigar waterfall picture
goats on a bridge in transylvania
horses fair
merry cemetery
oradea synagogue
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shepherd with his sheep
sunday service church in maramures
sunset in the danube delta