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"It is all because of Mihai" - Nov 2016

"It is all because of Mihai" - Nov 2016
This tour was very special to us as I looked back with fond memories. Mihai contacted me 2 days before our actual tour to confirm of our hotel and time of pick up. He introduced himself and thanks us for choosen his company.

Everything about this tour start out very promising and because it is private tour we got more than what we were expected thank you Mihai!

Mihai is great tour guide and wonderful as person. The knowledge he imparted to us is eyes opening, His love for his country shown through the way he speak of various town and villages. If you love various food you would not be disappointed with Romanians food and it is very inexpensive.

Mihai is very good driver and very considered. He made sure we are comfortable with temperature in his car and ready to stop at any time if we need to take break for anacks or just to stretch our legs.

Bran/Dracula Castle was very educational. The Castle has nothing to do with Vlad Dracula other than what movies made out to be but still very enchanting after all this is the reason people all over the world come to see.

Brasov Medieval city is very beautiful with awe inspiring {church} architectures made me feel humbled to behold such Granduer of building and how the building withstand over time. Its testimony that the building was made to last.

In Sighisoara, we see birth place of infamous Vlad Tepes/Dracula, a house now turn into restaurant. This town was very poignant to me and probably lots to do with it's histories.

The most fondest memories for me is the countryside that Mihai goes above and beyond to shown us. We definitely recommend Mihai for this tour. I would do this again should I return to Romania. Thank you Mihai!!!

Date of travel: October 2016


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