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"Hands down best tour guide ever" - Aug 2016

"Hands down best tour guide ever" - Aug 2016
I booked a multiday day tour through Berb and Maramures and had one of the most relaxing and stressfree vacation experience I ever had with the expert guidance of Mihai who took care of every little detail of my trip.

The personalized tour was on point with what I have traveled to Romania to experience, which is to see a place that haven't been touched by industrialization and the advent of modern times.

My stay in Berb was in a hundred year plus old wooden cabin. At night I was invited to dinner cooked by a local neighbor who served me a delicious 4 course meal. The other night, we hiked 30 minutes to share a meal with local shepherd.

By day Mihai took me to visit wooden churches that withstood the country's religious infighting and shared with me the historical changes in the region. I very much appreciate his candor, wealth of experience, flexibility since I changed my mind a few times, friendliness, and thoughtfulness. I personally would booked Mihai again if I'm making another trip to Romania. It's like hanging out with an old friend for a few days. The reality was English was not widely spoken where I went and I would be very lost with Mihai's guidance.

Date of travel: July 2016


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