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"Great Place, Great Tour!!" - Mar 2017

"Great Place, Great Tour!!" - Mar 2017
We traveled to Romania at the end of Feb for about 6 days. Mihai was great in suggesting and helping us plan our itinerary, he was very prompt in replying. He also suggested some great hotels to stay and offered us discounts where he could get one.

A few days before our trip he told us about the weather and what to expect as well. He was on time at the airport, as well as every morning to pick us up throughout our stay.
He is a safe driver and has a super clean and fresh smelling car, since we were there in the winter and with all the snow and mucky places we visited we always managed to get the car dirty and since we had a 5 year old with us we had snacks in the car which added to the mess at times. However, every morning (he did not miss a day) Mihai would make sure the car was “spotless”, no matter how late we finished at night.
He is great with kids and he will make sure they are happy throughout their trip, he even gives them snow rides, plays with them and also watches over them, giving you a chance to look at the place/ shop etc.
He knows great places for food, giving you a taste of the local food along with great ambiance, experiences and views.
He will be your guide and he has the knowledge about every place in Romania, he will not rush you to complete the itinerary, he lets you spend a good amount of time at every place telling you about the history, culture etc., if you miss a place on a given day, he will try and make up for it somehow the next day so you haven’t missed anything. He is very obliging and will even suggest additional places that have not been mentioned in the itinerary. He is very flexible with the itinerary.
If you need something specific, he will be on the lookout and won’t stop until he manages to find it for you. By the end of the trip it feels like you have visited a friend in Romania!!

Date of travel: February 2017

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