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"Anyone for the Timewarp" - Aug 2016

"Anyone for the Timewarp" - Aug 2016
Mihai arrived on time and unfortunately I was still locked in our room. It took another 3/4 hour to get out and he was not fazed by the delay. SO that was a great start.

We finally set off on our day tour to Peles castle, Bram castle and Brasov Old Town.

Getting to Peles castle the queues were a bit long. School holidays and a weekend combined and he was quite happy to wait in the queue for us to get the tickets but we decided to take the time to instead to explore the grounds. I am sure the inside is great and like many of the manors we have visited in England. Really it is the externals and grounds that are stunning. 
From there we continued on into Transylvania to Bram Villas for lunch. While we were eating Mihai went up tot the Castle and got our tickets. On some tours we have done we have had terrible lunches. This however was absolutely excellent with a totally amazing view across the village.
Then it was on to the castle which was great. Certainly worth the walk through tour and the torture exhibition was a reminder what foulness we as humans invent to..well,, torture our peers.
It rained as we left and continued through to Brasov. It was fine by the time we got there and it was another interesting place with the Saxon houses and villages surrounding, the large merchant Square, the Black Church and the White Tower.
Then it was a 3 hour trip back to Bucharest arriving about 9:30pm.

A very full day for sure but with limited time in Romania it was excellent value and extremely informative.

Mihai was an excellent guide and gave us a huge insight to the after war years and the communist era along with the prehistory.

 Date of travel: July 2016

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