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"A great authentic experience!" - Apr 2016

"A great authentic experience!" - Apr 2016
My husband and I booked a trip to Romania on a whim, so we decided to hire a Romania tour guide to do a tour of Transylvania as we were unfamiliar with the region

Mihai was super responsive and gave us very thoughtful recommendations on what we could do in our limited time, so we decided to hire him. His price was also very fair compared to all of the other tour companies we contacted.

All in all, Mihai was an excellent guide. He far exceeded our expectations. He took care of everything so we could just relax and enjoy the scenery. Traveling with Mihai was like traveling with someone you know for a long time. He has a good heart and super honest, and we trusted him to handle all of the arrangements. He made our trip! We would recommend him in a heartbeat for the following reasons:

1) Excellent English and safe driver: Mihai was always making sure that we were comfortable. We wouldn't been able to connect with the locals without him and shared as many laughs as we had.

2) Responsiveness and Authenticity: Prior to our trip, we bombarded Mihai with questions, and we always received prompt and speedy answers. He was able to work with us to craft the experience that we wanted. We wanted to see the best of Romania in the time we had, and we wanted to understand how people truly live and experience their part of the world. We got a chance to connect with locals and had an opportunity to appreciate how the social-political situation of Romania's history led to the development places such as Malancrav.

3) Local Artisans and Residents: Our first stop was Viscri, a Saxon town that was off the main road. We would have gotten lost if we had tried to find it ourselves. Mihai brought us to a local artisan shop, and met a local lady who sells handmade woolen slippers with leather soles. All of the slippers sold in her shop are made by her and her neighbors. 75% of the proceeds from each sale go to the lady who made the selling slipper. After Viscri, we stopped by another Saxon town, Malancrav, where the sweet caretaker of the church gave us a tour and a brief history, which has a beautiful painted altar. We enjoyed an awesome meal at the home of a local shepherd, where we met a 1 month year old lamb, Dolly. Through MIhai, we got a chance to ask the local shepherd many questions, including about her life and her family. 

4) Good itinerary: We finish our trip seeing Sighisoara, a beautiful city with a citadel in the middle of the city. It's a city that hasn't changed much with time and has retained its European charm.

We felt that our trip with filled with a good blend of country and city and very customized to us.

Date of travel: March 2016


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