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Romania Tourist Attractions Top 10 | Visit

Romania Tourist Attractions Top 10 | Visit
Romania Tourist Attractions. I will try to offer you another reasons about the popular places in my beautiful country. See top 10 Romania Tourist Attractions.

Romania tourist attractions

I have exposed in a previous post on I Travel in Romania’s Blog an article about the “Places to visit in Romania” so if you read that you are already familiar with some of them.

The previous article was more like a short presentation of the most visited Romania tourist attractions but now I will try to go deeper into each place and share you some experiences that you can encounter, especially if you choose to book a private tour with I Travel in Romania.


Most know Bran and Sinaia areas due to the most famous castles in Romania, Bran and Peles. But both areas are much more than that, especially considering the hidden beautiful nature in the mountains covering these parts of Romania. 

A lot of people choose the cable car to go up to 2000 meters high in Sinaia, especially for skiing while winter, but very few know that very close to Sinaia there one road called Transbucegi that takes you close to the sky, at 1925 meters altitude. The views are simply breathtaking and the nature surrounds you everywhere. An hour trip – walking and little hiking - will take you from the place where you can park your car to the 30 meters tall Heroes’ Cross close to Caraiman peak at 2291 meters altitude.

Transbucegi - the road in the sky near Sinaia town



Very close to Bran there is a hidden treasure in the mountains, Fundatica village. The place itself just looks out of fairy tales and where time stood for ages. Most of the people visiting Bran are usually scared by the crowded area and very few actually arrive in Fundatica village.

 Fundatica village



Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara – the medieval cities. Always nice to visit during summer and have a relaxing walk in the old town area, or enjoy the Christmas markets with all the traditional Romanian food and carols you can hear around. Apart from these, I suggest you should plan your holiday when a medieval festival is taking place in any of them. The atmosphere is unique and simply brings you back in the medieval times.

Medieval Festival in Sighisoara



The Saxon villages in Transylvania. These unique Romania tourist attractions get more and more attention each year. All the history that lies in this part of Romania is probably the main engine in attracting all kind of tourists to Romania, local and foreign. What really make these villages even more special is the people that live there. And the fact that you, as a foreign tourist, are welcome into their house for a simple traditional meal, could offer you quite an experience. It is probably one of the reasons that made Charles, Prince of Wales to simply fall in love with Transylvania and eventually owning a property in a Saxon Village.

Local lady in Malancrav



Bucharest. I think Bucharest will always be one of the main Romania tourist attractions, even there are some tourists that totally skip it from their list. One of the things that makes Bucharest very special is how vibrant it is all the time, all year long. The Old Town area is surely the most visited place by the tourists and locals.

Bucharest Old Town area 



Maramures region. The special thing about Maramures except the Unesco Wooden Churches, is all the traditions still going on here like ages ago. The beautiful scenery includes haystacks just everywhere, placed on the colorful hills in a special order like one would say they are specially arranged that way. The best time to visit would be the spring or fall, when all the colors are changing. Back to traditions, you can witness at any Sunday ceremony in the church, other holidays or any wedding the people wearing their traditional costumes. That is something still unique for Romania.

Wooden church in Maramures



Bucovina region. Probably the most known place of Romania for long now due to the Unesco Painted Monasteries, Bucovina is much more than that. Again it is a region where traditions are very well kept and people are proud to continue them. First on the list would be the tradition of eggs’ painting. There are actually eggs’ painters for generations in a family and all their models are spread all over Romania, and now brought all over the world mostly as souvenirs. A big number of these painters are located in the village of “Ciocanesti”, where even their houses have a model that they used at least once in eggs’ painting.

Painting eggs - tradition in Bucovina



The only natural reservation of Romania included in Unesco is the biosphere of Danube Delta. It is the best preserved Delta’s in Europe and top 3 as most important as an ecosystem in the world. Apart from all the over 300 species of birds, you will find here the largest number of pelicans in Europe. The locals are also one of the most welcoming Romanians ready to serve you so many recipes based on fresh fish. A boat trip is always a must especially for a catching a sunshine or a sunset.



Most people heard of the famous road Transfagarasan, but very few know of the other famous Romania tourist attraction, the Transalpina road. This road will take you even higher in the sky, up to 2145 meters altitude. The scenery is simply breathtaking and one can also enjoy on the way a special shepherd place with traditional Romanian food prepared just like shepherds have used to since ages ago.

Transalpina - the road in the sky


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